Here on Bully Wikia, All Users may change quotes on articles, but there are some rules that you need to follow before changing the quote.


  • Your Quote must be said by the Character. You can find his or her dialogues in the Gama data files or our quote pages for characters.
  • You may change your quote 3 times only. Anything exceeding 3 will result your 4th changing quote to be reverted back to the 3rd, Unless you find a mistake or an error.
  • No One should be reverting quote edits, If you want to make a quote, and a person changes it before you, you must make a reservation on the Article talk page saying what quote you want to choose.
  • Quotes will be displayed for 1 week. After 1 week, your quote will changed if another person made a reservation.
  • Your New Quote needs to be reviewed by an Admin or Bureaucrat before changing it.

I don't understand this, or I'm too lazy too read it. Here is the Lazy or Easy Version:

  • Your Character's quote must come from in-game or game data files
  • You can change quotes 3 times in a row. After the 4th quote, it will be reverted back to 3rd.
  • Do Not Revert Quotes
  • Make a Reservation for what quote you want to be displayed next.
  • Your Quote will be displayed for 1 week only.
  • Your New Quote must be approved by admin or bureaucrat before putting it up.


Action Result
Changing the Quote under 7 days being displayed Your Edit will get reverted
IP or Non Auto Confirmed Users fighting over the Quote Semi-Protection on Article
Auto Confirmed, Non Auto Confirmed, or IP users fighting over the Quote Fully-Protection on Article
Continuing to change quote under 7 days being displayed Block for Vandalism
Users Continuing to Fight over Quote after Protection ended. Indefinite Fully-Protection on Article

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