Being Banned is the maximum punishment for a user for extremely breaking a rule in Bully wiki and counts as a punishment. Banned Bully Wikia Users can never edit again under any username or IP address. A suspected or confirmed sockpuppet can also be banned as well. Bully wiki users who are Banned will be blocked indefinitely to prevent him or her from editing. All Bully Wikia Users must obey our rules and policies and the Law.

What Causes a user to be banned?

  • Being extremely Uncivil or Racist
  • Doing illegal activities
  • Hacking
  • Sockpuppet
  • Extreme Vandalism
  • Fighting Administrators or Bureaucrats (Also called being Impudent)
  • Adding Photos or Videos that is illegal such as Child Pornography.
  • Extreme Spamming

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