At the Bully Wiki site we take our jobs seriously. We want all of our users to be safe from danger. Here is a policy of what you need to follow to keep yourself safe.

Ways to being and staying safe

  • Do not post your real and full name. It's okay to mention your name, but not your last.
  • Keep your password very secured.
  • Do not post your email.
  • Do not give a link to your profile page from social medias.
  • Do not leave your phone number.
  • Talk to people you can trust. If it's a unknown user to you offering something, Ignore him/her. If he or she continues to harass you, please report this to an administrator or bureaucrat so we would deal with them. If they are threatening you, please report this to a Wikia staff member.
  • Do not give out your home address. You cannot tell where you live near, your zip code nor your social security number.
  • If you see someone threatening to hack your account or computer and did illegal changes, Call 911 and report to the Police you're being hacked. It's a criminal and federal offense for a person to hack your computer, phone or other electronics without your permission.
  • If you're under the age of 13, do not create an account. This does not only violate our rules and policy, but also violates the COPPA.

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