The following is the top 10 strongest character in the game.

On Free RoamEdit

The Following are the top 10 strongest characters on Free Roam. This means the characters listed here can be found on Free Roam.

Rank Position Character Clique
10th Peanut Romano Greasers
9th Jerry Townies
8th Casey Harris Jocks
7th Juri Karaomzaov Jocks
6th Omar Romero Townies
5th Gurney Townies
4th Norton Williams Greasers
3rd Damon West Jocks
2nd Bif Taylor Preppies
1st Russell Northop Bullies

On the GameEdit

The Following are the top 10 strongest characters on the game. This means the listed characters below are the strongest in the game, but some cannot be found on Free Roam for example Clique Leaders cannot be found due to the fact Rockstar disabled them from doing so.

Rank Position Character Clique
10th Norton Williams Greasers
9th Damon West Jocks
8th Bif Taylor Preppies
7th Ted Thompson Jocks
6th Gary Smith Non-Clique Students
5th Mascot Not Applicable
4th Derby Harrington Preppies
3rd Edgar Munsen Townies
2nd Johnny Vincent Greasers
1st Russell Northop Bullies

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